About Us
Since Human Ventures was founded in 2015, the “startup studio” has become an established model for building, funding and launching high-growth, innovative companies.
We believe in backing human beings. And to make sure we never forget it, we made the human fingerprint our logo, so it’s a permanent part of our identity.
Human Ventures started to help builders build. We decided that more than just capital was needed in the beginning stages of creating valuable businesses. The most influential factor of success or failure for a startup in the early days is directly related to the interconnected network around them. In other words, it’s all about the people.
We collaborate with experienced founders in a dynamic environment to concept-test, validate, and build-out their next company. We then activate our deep network of other founders, advisors, investors, and talent to continue to support the founders throughout the life of the business.

Our Guide to Being Human

At Human Ventures, “value” isn’t just a measure of worth, it’s a measure of character. Our values guide everything we do—from our office culture to our company-building approach.

ex. 1 GROWTH

If you’re not out of your comfort zone, you’re not growing.

Growth is an essential part of being human. And at Human Ventures, it’s an essential part of success. If you want to build a better company, start by building a better you. See how far you can stretch yourself. Aim higher than the status quo.

ex. 2 GUTS

Being Human takes guts.

Launching new companies isn’t always easy— in fact it almost never is. This business takes courage—the courage to act confident even when you don’t quite feel it, the courage to listen to your intuition, to take big swings, and to keep at it, even when the going gets tough.


To err is Human. Shake it off.

Everyone makes mistakes. Absolutely everyone. But we don’t let mishaps bog us down. The strongest leader isn’t the one who makes the best plans. It’s the one who can watch their plans fall apart, then rally the team, and start putting a new plan in place.


Open minds open doors.

We go out of our way to welcome people into our space. We strive for intellectual diversity, and we yearn for different opinions and perspectives. We believe good tension is the catalyst for discovery and creating big, important things.


Yes, and...

None of us can build a company alone. So we actively build on each other’s ideas. Instead of saying, “Yeah, but…” we say “Yes, and….” When collaborating, don’t just frame the problem, offer potential solutions. Collaboration doesn’t just happen by accident.


Have an attitude of gratitude.

We believe in gratitude—showing it, feeling it, living it. We try not to forget how fortunate we are to be doing meaningful work alongside bright, dedicated teammates. Building companies is tough, but with optimism and gratitude, we really can tackle the world’s biggest challenges.

Our Office
We’re proud to be headquartered in New York City, creating companies that can change the world. From brainstorms to industry events, Human Ventures builds companies and community in our creative space just east of Madison Square Park.